Sometimes a convening can be more successful with some tangible ideas to start the action planning.  Here are a few action plans that have been generated across the State of Kansas.

- The Council of Elders in the neighborhoods of northeast Wichita are creating a text alert campaign to spread awareness among the Black community about the vaccine and other issues connected to the pandemic.

- Students at the North Central Kansas Technical are creating “quarantine kits,” complete with health information, basic supplies and a few fun things too, with the goal of making staying in quarantine a little more doable for students.

- Owners of Wichita area coffee shops are creating the Pay if Forward project, a financial assistance program to help small businesses who need to close for quarantine requirements. Making it easier for small businesses and their employees to do the right thing.

- The Irish Den coffee shop in Chapman is creating a heated outdoor space for young people to socialize safely through the winter, thus reducing the spread of the virus during the winter months.

- A Southwest Kansas group connected to Research and Extension is promoting the use of an app from the local grocery store to help reduce foot traffic and to especially help seniors so they can safely get groceries.

-A business in Bushton, Kansas has recognized that their emergency preparedness plan for the company is outdated and needs some adjustments.  They are working on updating it, scrubbing it from proprietary information, and will share it with others as a template to provide other businesses a starting point.

Downtown shop owners in Hutchinson are creating “Santa-tizing" stations in the downtown shopping district, complete with hand sanitizer and free masks, thus making holiday shopping in Hutch a bit more safe.

In Kansas City, Kansas, a church group is purchasing air purifiers, gloves, hand sanitizer and masks to make their in-person services safer.

A Wichita church is creating quarantine kits for 17 families who immigrated to Kansas from the Congo and who attend their church. The goal is to make staying in quarantine a little more doable when necessary. The kits will have basic necessities, fun activities for kids and important information about COVID related resources. All materials will be translated into the native languages of the Congolese.

A group in Abilene launched “Project Ike,” an effort to provide vitamins free of charge to all who need them, with the goal of boosting the immune system of residents.