what is the ellsworth beats the virus initiative?

A partnership between the State of Kansas, the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC), and local community leadership programs to dramatically reduce the spread of COVID19 in local communities.  KLC is organizing this effort to mobilize Kansans to generate their own local solutions.  As a local community partner for over 10 years with KLC, Leadership Ellsworth County received a call to action, and we intend to respond by hosting 20 conversations in 20 days to empower local solutions, local ideas, and local action projects.  We are calling in favors from our alumni, friends, colleagues, and partners to help us convene 20 meetings before December 31 of like-minded groups of 8-15 people for one hour of brainstorming.

why should i get involved in this work?

The challenge of curbing this horrible virus is daunting.  This is a bold experiment but also a simple ask.  Look around you and find your circles of influence and people you know who would be willing to converse fr one hour about this topic, in a facilitated environment and a non-partisan effort to help those in our own neighborhoods.  We imagine is starts with one meeting and cascades from there.  This is possibly the biggest challenge of our lifetime.  How can you respond in a positive way?  One way is to engage in problem-solving conversations.


Convene at least one local, virtual discussion  for one hour.  Leadership Ellsworth County will provide the Zoom link and the facilitator, and all of the necessary structure to make progress.  Use your social capital, your influence, cash in a few IOU's, and let's meet for one hour.  It's a small ask for a big goal with big results that matter to all of us.

what follow-up is required?

The goal of these meetings are to generate action plans across Kansas, in small and big ways.  There are mini grants available for any of your action plans, up to $3,000.  However, we don't intend to hold your feet to the fire.  Empowerment means empowering those groups of people around us to call to action on their own, and we will provide any necessary support.   If your group believes it has committed to something that will reduce the spread of  COVID19 in Kansas, we want you to consider moving forward .


You are best suited to do this work.  Personal connections are the best way to gather people.  A phone call, a personal email, a socially-distanced beverage with a colleague...these are ways you can reach out and find your collective group.  Help us gather just 20 small groups, and our work here is done.  Who do you know?

Church groups, businesses, PTOs, 4H groups, school leadership teams, student-led groups, medical professionals, you name it....let's gather them!

Once you have your group identified, reach out to me (Stacie) for a date and time and let's get your group scheduled.  The rest is easy!


You should anticipate an hour-long structured conversation with a trained facilitator to discuss COVID and its effect on the economy and our community, and some reasonable action plan brainstorming to solve the concern locally.  These are non-partisan conversations.  Click here for a sample agenda.